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Galileo satellite system - Outdoor GPS

Galileo satellite system - Outdoor GPS

Thu 12th January 2017

The EU's Galileo satellite system has now gone live, aiming to supply the world's most accurate satellite navigation technology after 17 years of development, plagued by delays and budget increases.

The 18 satellites initially launched will be of only limited use at first.

It is hoped that the system will eventually provide greater location accuracy than either the US or Russian services that are currently in place.

- A project of the European Commission and the European Space Agency

- 24 satellites constitute a full system but it will have six spares in orbit

- Spacecraft have been launched in batches of two, but now go four at a time

- Will work alongside the US-owned GPS and Russian GLONASS systems

- Promises eventual real-time positioning down to a metre or less

- Should deepen and extend high-value markets already initiated by GPS

Garmin have been tracking the development of Galileo for over a decade and will continue to track its development. Many of their products are Galileo capable, and now that the Galileo system has reached its initial operational capability, they are carefully testing and validating their Galileo capable products and they will provide selected updates at a future date.

Galileo was originally envisaged to be operational in 2008 with a budget of some €3bn (£2.5bn 3.2bn). It now seems set to cost about €10bn by 2020.

It was created by the EU Commission and European Space Agency, but numerous countries from outside Europe contributed, including India, Israel, Saudi Arabia and South Korea.

Until last month, all satellites launched to join the network went up on Russian Soyuz rockets, but the latest batch of four were delivered to orbit by Europe's premier vehicle, Ariane 5.
Six more satellites are planned for the full network.

Here at GPS Training we have heard that as long as your GPS is compatible with WAAS/ EGNOS it should be a software update that will enable your handheld Outdoor GPS unit to utilise this new technology. we will have to wait and see.

Posted By: Brian Worrall | Fri 10th February 2017

Can you please advise whether the Acvtive 12 is currently working with the Galileo system.Many thanks,Brian WorrallCambridge.

Posted By: Jon Monks - GPS Training | Fri 10th February 2017

Brian, thanks for your question. Currently no outdoor GPS units are compatible with Galileo. We will keep you informed as existing units are upgraded to use the new satellite system.

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