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Garmin 1:25k mapping - full UK

Garmin 1:25k mapping - full UK

Sat 28th February 2015

We try and keep you informed about any changes in the current range of Ordnance Survey products compatible with your Garmin device. As of October 14 Garmin have finally come up with GB Discoverer Premium that includes coverage of all of Great Britain at 1:250k, 1:50k and 1:25k scales plus 1:25k coverage of the Isle of Man and routable road data for all of Great Britain and the IOM provided by HERE maps (a change from previous Discover offerings that use NavTEQ) - the maps come pre-installed on a 16GB MicroSD card and cost £299.99.

Until the launch of this product the smart way to purchase OS maps for your device was as a OS Discoverer 50k GB bundle; how will this new product change everyones thinking? If we're truthful at this stage we are unsure.

I guess that it will largely depend on whether you are an existing owner with OS 50k All of Britain and are thinking of adding 25k mapping or you are thinking of buying into a new Garmin device with either GB Discoverer 1:50k or GB Discoverer Premium.

Let's look at these options; as an existing owner with GB Discoverer 1:50k wishing to add GB Discoverer Premium then the choice is simple if a tad expensive and maybe a little wasteful. The Premium product comes with maps pre-installed to a 16GB MicroSD card so all you have to do is remove your existing MicroSD card and install the new one. Once installed you will be able to view the contents of the map card in your device on your PC/Mac in Garmin's free computer software BaseCamp - NB The maps can only be viewed with the GPS connected.

We've been testing a demo version of 25k mapping for Garmin for a few months now and loved it. The 25k mapping is a prefect reproduction of the Explorer paper maps you are used to with full rights of way data and the detail you would expect. There were no issues with the mapping although we noticed our Oregon 650 took a little longer to open the maps on start up. We have to admit we would be reluctant to go back to Landranger maps unless we had to. Our initial reaction is that the cost of a premium upgrade will put a lot of our clients off and that they will continue to buy their GB maps as a bundle with a new GPS and then add 25k mapping either using BirdsEye map vouchers or National Park & Trail titles.

Whilst we have to agree if money was no object then OS Premium would be our choice; however we think that the cost of the upgrade at £299.99 will put many folk off and the bulk of our clients will continue to purchase their Garmin devices with OS GB 50k (as it offers full rights of way data) and then add 25k maps using BirdsEye or 25k National Parks & Trails titles.

For existing owners of Whole GB OS Discoverer 1:50k who wish to upgrade to Whole GB OS Discoverer Premium 1:25k then you have no alternative but to bite the bullet and purchase the product from Garmin at full retail price of £299.99 as they have kept this as a strictly Garmin only product which is a shame as it seems wasteful to us but they feel that there isn't enough margin in the product to share it with retailers like us.

If you are thinking of buying a new Garmin device and would like it Bundled with GB Discoverer Premium then GPS Training have a deal for you. To save you the hassle of purchasing you GPS and maps from different places with all the issues that come with that we are prepared to purchase Whole GB OS Discoverer Premium 1:25k and then bundle it with either an Oregon 600 or Oregon 650.

- Oregon 600 with Whole GB OS Discoverer Premium which includes OS full GB 1:250k, 1:50k, 1:25k on 16GB Micro SD card Our Price £605.99

- Oregon 650 with Whole GB OS Discoverer Premium which includes OS full GB 1:250k, 1:50k, 1:25k on 16GB Micro SD card RRP £729.99 Our Price £665.99

As it stands (Early 2015) Garmin provide the following ways for you to access OS maps for the current range of Outdoors devices:

- Whole GB OS Discoverer 1:50k pre-installed on MicroSD card SRP £199.99 this is most usually purchased bundled with a new device in which case you pay just £50 for the mapping & background street level mapping Our Price - £125.00

- Whole GB OS Discoverer Premium 1:25k pre-installed on MicroSD card SRP £299.99 available as a stand alone product from Garmin only £299.99 or bundled with either an Oregon 600 or 650 direct from GPS Training.

- Regional Card OS Discoverer 1:50k pre-installed on MicroSD card SRP £119.99 (Northern, Central & South Regions available) Now £109.99

- National parks & Trails OS Discoverer 1:50k pre-installed on MicroSD cards
14 titles including Lakes & Coast to Coast national trail Now £59.99

- BirdsEye Select map vouchers once again now excellent value since the changes to the OS pricing structure each voucher now allows single or multiple downloads of up to 1500sqk of 1:25k OS Mapping direct to BaseCamp & your device. Now £19.99


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