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Garmin Montana  Winter Touchscreen Option

Garmin Montana Winter Touchscreen Option

Wed 15th January 2020

In this article about Winter Touch screen options on an outdoor GPS unit we are going to look at the different touch screen options available from Garmin and what the two different technologies do. 

The two types of touch screen are resistive and capacitive screens.

The Garmin Montana 610/680 has a slightly different screen from the Oregon 7XX Series and eTrex Touch series. The Montana features a resistive touchscreen whereas the later two models both feature capacitive touchscreens. Below is a short description of the two different types. 

A resistive touchscreen is made up of layers. For the screen to respond to touch, a small amount of pressure must be applied. Because resistive touchscreens respond to pressure, you can use a stylus, fingernail, or another implement to touch the screen. Be careful that you do not apply too much pressure as this could damage the screen.

Capacitive touchscreens use a conductive coating on the outside to sense touches. These types of screens do not require the use of pressure and are more responsive to touch. Unfortunately, you can't use a fingernail or a stylus (unless it is a special, capacitive stylus) to touch the screen.

The Montana using a resistive screen has a distinct advantage in the winter months. You donít have to use special capacitive gloves and as the screen size is much larger than the other units, using thicker winter gloves is easier with the Montana. The trade-off for having a resistive screen is that gestures such as pinch to zoom and two fingers to rotate the map donít work, where these gestures make the Oregon and eTrex Touch a slicker operating system. 

If you plan to use your GPS in the winter months or if you get cold hands and find yourself wearing thick gloves a lot of the time the Montana could be the large touch screen unit for you.

If the larger screen doesnít matter, check out the GPSMap 66 series units where you have button functionality. 


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