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Guides switch from Sat Phones to Garmin inReach devices

Guides switch from Sat Phones to Garmin inReach devices

Wed 15th May 2019

Each year, leaders at Apogee Adventures guide hundreds of high school students (students 11 to 18 in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean & Europe) on cycling, backpacking, hiking and service trips around the globe. Apogee trips can be long in duration and often remote — from hiking the rugged French Pyrenees to cycling the U.S. from coast to coast.

As with any outdoor adventure, there are occasional bumps and bruises endured along the way. Serious emergencies and evacuations on Apogee trips are rare, but one incident last year put their trip leader training and new communications protocol using inReach® satellite communicators to the test.

Previously, Apogee relied on satellite phones for their remote trip communications, but they found the frequent dropped calls and poor call quality to be frustrating and inefficient in delivering timely information. Last year, Apogee turned to inReach satellite communicators for their remote trip communications.

In particular, Apogee has found that communicating via inReach helps them with situational assessment — particularly in incidents where many individuals are involved and timely decision-making is critical. ďWith a sat phone, youíve only got one person on the line with the leader. Itís maybe chopping in and out. Sure, youíre able to communicate with the leader, but itís not ideal,Ē it was said.

It is great to see a cost effective way of satelite communication is available to them for when any circumstances arise.

More info here regarding Garmin inReach products.


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