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Have you subscribed to our Podcast on your smartphone?

Have you subscribed to our Podcast on your smartphone?

Wed 23rd May 2018

Subscribe to our Podcast

I am a massive fan of podcasts, hence the start of the GPS Training Podcast, I listen to them when walking the dog through my earphones or whilst driving the car by connecting my smartphone to the car radio via Bluetooth. It really does bring that 'downtime' to life.

If you like the idea of this why not subscribe to the GPS Training Podcast on your smartphone. If you have an iPhone you already have a Podcast app on your phone (purple background, pictured above) and if you are an Android user go into the Google Play store and you will see plenty of free Podcast apps to download.

Once you have the Podcast app, just open it up and search for GPS Training and click on 'subscribe'. Then every month our Podcast will be delivered to your phone for you to enjoy at your leisure.


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