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SatMap Expedition issue - Chrome and Silverlight

SatMap Expedition issue - Chrome and Silverlight

Thu 28th May 2015

Do you use Google Chrome and Have you recently experienced issues when logging onto SatMapís online planning and sharing resource? Then it could be down to the latest version of Google Chrome where the Silverlight plug-in has failed to work when using Xpedition.

The guys at have identified the problem being due to Google disabling the Netscape Plug-in API (NPAPI) and related plug-ins: Java, Unity and Silverlight, in its latest Chrome update. The affected version of the browser is version 42. All this means that by default you will not be able to use Xpedition on Chrome due to Silverlight being disabled.

The support team at SatMap are able to offer this solution; to enable Silverlight again, type chrome://flags in your Chrome browser. In the list that appears find "Enable NPAPI" and right below that click "Enable". This will enable the NPAPI plug-in. Close your browser. Upon launching your browser again you should be able to use Xpedition.

This solution was posted by Ben in late April 2015.


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