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TOPO UK & Ireland Light - What is it?

TOPO UK & Ireland Light - What is it?

Tue 14th April 2015

For those of you not wanting to purchase full UK Ordnance Survey mapping Garmin have released a range of their bestselling outdoors GPS bundled with a completely new free recreational map using community generated OpenStreetMap (OSM) data. This they have called TOPO UK & Ireland light.

To this mapping Garmin have added a 50-metre contour line layer, based on a public digital elevation model and over 20 years of knowledge and skills in building electronic maps.

 The resulting map can be used for orienteering and reference for any outdoor or recreational activities throughout UK and Ireland. These new maps include routable road, trail and path networks, waterway detail, place names, military areas, natural features, land use areas, historical sites, airport structures and points, buildings, emergency structures, power lines, railways and many points of interests (POI) including but not limited to tourism, sport, shops, public transport, leisure, craft and amenities. 

TOPO UK & Ireland Light is capable of turn-by-turn routing on the entire road and trail network present in the map. The routing allows the creation of routes based on your selected activity type by automatically adjusting the route to suit the chosen activity and take into consideration the elevation. It is not recommended to use this map for car navigation purposes.


- Provides turn-by-turn visual navigation with alert tones on the entire road and     trail network, including unpaved roads and footpaths.

- Garmin optimised routing calculates routes based on activity for Pedestrian, Hiking, Mountaineering, Tour Cycling, Cycling and Mountain Biking (not eTrex)

- Displays named hiking and bike trails (not eTrex)

- Shows land coverage, including forests, farmland, rivers, lakes, wetlands and urban areas.

- Includes contour lines and Digital Elevation Model (DEM).

- Detailed digital elevation model enables the display of accurate altitude profiles

- Searchable map elements such as points of Interests, mountains and lakes

- Plan routes using this map in BaseCamp.

 All features available on Oregon 600/650, GPSMAP 64/64s and Montana 600 only.

TOPO Light is now offered free bundled with Garminís most popular devices in the Garmin Outdoors ranges as an alternative to OS GB bundles. 

However like all things free thereís a catch; for walkers who are used to complete rights of way data (footpaths, bridleways etc.) the footpath/trail data is based on OSM data and does not offer the complete rights of way data you are used to with OS mapping. 

So what do we think?

If you are thinking about not buying full UK Ordnance Survey 1:50k mapping with your GPS purchase (which is the most affordable way to but OS mapping) the TOPO light is a good option.

Topo Light is available with 

eTrex 20 & 30

Oregon 600 & 650

GPSMap64 & 64s

View all these units here.


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