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Turn by Turn Routing for a Garmin GPS explained

Turn by Turn Routing for a Garmin GPS explained

Sat 28th February 2015

We're all familiar with the concept of turn by turn routing driven by GPS in the car; what isn't so widely known is that off road routing is available off road as well. It's standard with most Open Street maps and included in some other mapping products like Garmin's Topo Germany. Why can't we have off road routing (ActiveRouting) with our Garmin GB Discoverer maps with Ordnance Survey mapping data?

If your GPS is capable of delivering turn by turn routing and many aren't then in theory it makes no difference if the route the device is following is on or off road; the important factor is whether the map includes the data to drive the routing. A good GPS will be enabled to offer routing; most of the current range of Garmin Outdoors GPS are able to deliver both on and off road routing so the problem is not with the GPS if you buy a Garmin device offering this feature, the issue is with the digital mapping!

On road routing has been easier for mapmakers to deliver as the complete road data for countries like GB have been available as a seperate map set for some time it's this map set when combined with clever software that allows a GPS to navigate you from point to point and give you turn by turn directions.

To enable off road routing mapmakers need a map set based on the off road footpaths, tracks and bridleways etc. Then as with on road routing the map set when combined with clever software can deliver off road routing with turn by turn directions. Unfortunately this map set is unavailable here in the UK. Why?

We’re told that here in the UK the necessary map set required to provide off road routing can only be provided by OS as they own the copyright to the rights of way network and until they provide the map data then we aren’t going to get routable OS maps. Shouldn’t our national mapping authority be leading the way instead of sitting on their hands and be content to rake in the money from licence fees without keeping us up with the times. If the German mapping authorities realise how important this map set is for off road navigators why can't Ordnance Survey?

I know my Garmin GPS is capable; isn't it time that OS delivered.

I'm pleased to say we're not the only people who would like to put some pressure on OS to do thier job and prepare this data. In our Jan 15 newsletter we asked you "Would you like to see on and off road routing with directions on Garmin's GB Discoverer with Ordnance Survey map data?" The survey offered just a Yes/No option and to date 94.2% of you who replied said Yes agreeing with the question.

To move things forward with OS and the Department of Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) we need more feedback on your thoughts on the subject so with our friends at Walkingworld (who feel the same as we do on the subject) we have setup a new survey and would appreciate it if you could take a few minutes of your valuable time to complete our survey using the link below - Thank You

Please take part in our survey, just click here.


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