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What people have said about GPS Training

What people have said about GPS Training

Wed 5th December 2018

Below is just a few of the emails we have received from customers, many thanks for the feedback you have given us, it is appreciated -

---- 1 ----

Got to say the level of service from GPS Training is the best I've ever experienced; this unit is a brilliant piece of kit I'm currently on a walking Bolivian the highlands and this has helped us so much.  Mike

---- 2 ----

I have had my Oregon 750 for only three weeks but, thanks to the documentation and online training videos, I already feel comfortable with using both the unit itself and the Basecamp software. I find both easy to use and hope to learn more during the two Webinars I am booked in for. Thank you for an excellent product and support package. Ian

---- 3 ----

Very impressed with the level of service I have received so far. Upgraded from an Oregon 600 to 700, the person on the phone I spoke to knew their stuff, which is very rare these days, GPS arrived next day all set up and ready to go with a complete step by step guide of how to use both the unit and basecamp (which I have struggled a bit in the past with, but not now as you gave me instructions of how to use it). I could not have asked for any more, I hope you guys continue to prosper as it is well deserved. Simon

---- 4 ----

SATMAP Active 20

I really like this device and have been increasingly impressed with its ease of operation, firstly in mild autumn weather whilst doing some pretty remote Corbetts in Scotland and now in some very much more adverse conditions nearer home here in Cumbria.

I particularly wanted the large screen with the strongly back-lit, ultra-clear mapping - so no need for glasses, which is a very significant gain for me. It seems to be a rugged and trustworthy waterproof piece of kit for all conditions, something the phone-users, with me on occasions, have quickly come to appreciate!

I like the way one can customise which, and how much data, one wishes to see on screen pages of oneís choosing, and the range of options with that data is very impressive. With the onset of winter conditions these last few days I have really been getting to grips with the ease of operation in gloves, which is so important, the clarity in near-whiteouts and gloomy skies, in some bleak cold wintry conditions in the Pennines has been really important.

On solo trips in deep snow and featureless terrain, as today, I have been really relying on it to deliver. It has been most impressive and has not let me down.  I found the online resources you provided very helpful in getting to know this device in the first place and have referred back with ease on several occasions.


---- 5 ----

Excellent service and an excellent device. From a phone call before delivery to discuss options regarding a supplier issue with a pre-order item to the helpful guides that came with the GPS to help navigate the not entirely intuitive software options and the recommendations for batteries to use.

The GPS is great having taken it on two shorter walks in areas I know to get to grips with it, it is great in terms of pin pointing location, tracking the route taken plus providing quite detailed information on the walk such as the elevation profile and time spent stopped which could provide some interesting fitness data over time given the hills around here!

Many thanks, Jamie

---- 6 ----

What a great piece of kit this.

It is very user-friendly with lots of great features. I am looking forward to getting out in the open countryside so I can use this unit to its full potential.

If you are thinking of buying a GPS unit I highly recommend the Garmin GPSMap 66s or st with Europe mapping.


---- 7 ----

Being an experienced hiker who grew up with OS maps, I never thought I would purchase a GPS unit!

However, the wonders of digital mapping on my phone were put to great use last year in Snowdonia during a foggy day on the Glyders ridge when I just could not pinpoint my location. 

However, I soon realised that the battery on phones is not cut out for that sort of use! Then followed several months of research online looking at GPS units and getting more and more confused by what was out there.

I came upon GPS Trainingís website and rather hesitantly rang quite late one Friday night to enquire about the best unit for me as I am a keen geocacher as well! Andy was amazing and we talked for ages about hiking and geocaching and he suggested the Oregon 700 series.

Like most people I expect, I hunted around various websites to see how much everyone else was charging and rang GPS training with several questions about maps etc. I was really impressed by the knowledge and help I received so went ahead and placed my order.

I have certainly not been disappointed. I have done one of the webinars included which was great and really helpful. (Just need to try and find a suitable date for the next). I have rung a couple of times with queries and Andy or Jon have helped me out!

I am so glad I made my purchase from GPS Training. I would recommend to anyone that you watch and read the great training that GPS Training provide such as the videos and the info that comes with unit.

Go out and have a go at using the unit and then come back and refresh your knowledge again because itís amazing what you miss the first time round! I would certainly recommend GPS Training to anyone considering purchasing a GPS.

(Just enjoyed a few days with family in Morpeth, so took opportunity to walk around Simonside and then did Barrowburn to border ridge along to Windy Gyle! Lovely and quiet and didnít see a sole which is just how I like it! Oh apart from the 100+ Paras training near Russelís Cairn!)



---- 8 ----

If you are after a GPS watch that not only looks the business but does the business then this is the watch.

I purchased this recently from GPS training and am delighted with it. Its light, looks great with the orange strap and the mapping is just superb, so much so my Oregon 700 stays in my rucksack!!.

Also, the music is really easy to download and works faultlessly with my Bose sound sport free wireless earphones.

Yes itís expensive, but you wonít regret buying it, plus Andy or Jon are always at the end of the phone to help you get the best from it.

---- Many thanks for all your feedback, it is appreciated ----


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