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On a budget what is the best walking, cycling and multi-activity GPS Device?

On a budget what is the best walking, cycling and multi-activity GPS Device?

Wed 18th October 2017

On a budget what is the best walking, cycling, multi-activity GPS Device?

At GPS Training, we have a large range of handheld walking / cycling/ multi-activity GPS Devices ranging in price from £99.00 - £1059, in this article we are going to look at a unit at the budget end of this scale but by know means does the unit we have selected lack features.

The unit that we have selected at GPS Training for our recommendation for best walking / cycling / multi-activity GPS Device on a budget is the Garmin eTrex Touch 25t bundled with a Birdseye Select Voucher - more here

This unit is priced at £229.99 and includes a Birdseye Select Voucher for downloading some more detailed Ordnance Survey Mapping with to the unit.

The eTrex Touch25t is a lightweight compact unit with a 2.6Ē colour sunlight readable touchscreen, it has a nice sturdy feel and a good weatherproof rating of IPX7 hence there is no problem using it out all day on a walk or mounting it on the handlebars of your bike.

It also comes pre-loaded with Garminís Topo Active Mapping covering all of Europe, great for those holidays abroad.

When you first turn on the unit a simple display with one of the pre-loaded activity profile homepages is displayed and with a simple swipe left to right on the screen you can move between these activity screens e.g. Hike, Bike, Tour Cycle, Geocache etc.

What we like about these activity profiles is that you can individually changes each profile to best suit the activity that you are doing whether this just be viewing some different data boxes with information about your activity or changing the type of map that you view i.e. when Hiking you see the OS map that you have downloaded using the Birdseye Voucher or when cycling you see the more cycle friendly Topo Active European Mapping.

Once you have selected the Activity Page that you want to use a simple tap on the screen brings up the map page and from the map page you can simply swipe left or right moving to the Trip Log Computer or Electronic Compass Screen.

The trip log computer shows a good selection of data boxes which display useful information about your Activity E.g. Distance Travelled, Speed etc with many available choices that you can use to customize the data that you see within these boxes. 

It is easy to use the new track recording function from a simple swipe from the bottom of the map page you can start and stop a recording of your activity which can then be reviewed back in Garminís free planning software.

For those of you interested in the outdoor activity of Geocaching which is basically a fun electronic treasure hunt, the eTrex Touch 25t comes pre-loaded with 250k Geocaches and has a pre-loaded Geocache Activity Profile to get the best out of this fun activity.

The eTrex Touch 25t unit has a 3axis electronic compass which means whether you hold the unit flat or upright or are stationary or moving the map page will orientate in the direction of your travel making navigation on the map a straightforward process.

The unit receives satellite signals from both the American GPS system and Russian Glonass System this helps with reception when you are under a tree canopy and gives you an accurate location fix.

To sum up the eTrex Touch25t GPS Device, this is a great entry level compact unit for walking,  cycling, Geocaching and many other outdoor activities,  with many of the main features of the higher spec models, Garminís aim was to make an outdoor multi-activity handheld GPS Device thatís both user-friendly and affordable for families, and we feel that this has been achieved.


- User friendly sunlight readable touchscreen – quick to move between screens and menus

- Pre-loaded multi activity profiles – for ease of use and personalization 

- 3 axis Electronic Compass – displays your direction to navigate in even when stationary and whether the units is held upright or flat

- Preloaded Topo Active Mapping for all of Europe – great for trips abroad

- Keen Price


- No Bluetooth for syncing data with Garmin connect App on a phone or connecting additional Garmin ANT+ Sensors

- No Barometric Altimeter 

- Smaller lower pixel screen

Whatís supplied in the Box with the eTrex Touch 25 from GPS Training:

- eTrex Touch 25t (pre-loaded with Garmin TopoActive European Maps)

- USB cable

- Garmin bike mount (Worth £9.99)

- Birdseye voucher (enabling you to download 3000 sq km of 1:25k OS mapping)

-  Getting started with Your eTrex Touch guide - (produced by GPS Training)

- Garmin BaseCamp Planning Software instructions (produced by GPS Training)

- Username and Password giving you free 12 months access to our GPS Training Online Training Resource (Normally £25.00)

eTrex Touch 25 with Birdseye Voucher - more here

Another similar unit to consider:

Garmin eTrex Touch 25t with full GB OS 1:50k Mapping - More info here

Garmin eTrex Touch 35t with Birdseye Voucher £269.99 – More info here

The eTrex Touch 35t has the same specification as the eTrex Touch 25t but has added Bluetooth connectivity for syncing data directly with the Garmin Connect App, linking Garmin ANT+ sensors to and has a Barometric Altimeter for more accurate height data.


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