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Oregon 700 and 750 - review

Oregon 700 and 750 - review

Wed 3rd August 2016

The New Oregon 700 and Oregon 750 have arrived and I am glad to say you will not be disappointed.

Well done Garmin, we do like it. 

As with any Garmin’s it needs a couple of software updates straight out of the box, but don’t worry we do that for you here at GPS Training before it arrives with you. Once these have been done we have a great stable unit.

The first touch screen GPS unit with gorilla glass that you can use with gloves on and with the automatic screen lock on the map page it is a great step forward all round.

We now have profiles on the Oregon 700 and 750, very similar to the eTrex Touch GPS range which is the way forward. Sadly, this unit does not come with the Garmin TOPOActive mapping (which is routable i.e. turn by turn like a car sat nav) so it does limit the way you set up the profiles a little, but saying that if you speak to us we can set these up for you to utilise the turn by turn capabilities it has for cyclists and walkers (if you upgrade to the new TOPO Great Britain pro map card which gives you full country 1:25k maps).

We now have the ‘Start button’ which will automatically reset the trip and track data when the GPS receives a satellite signal, this is truly superb as none of the problems of people resetting this data before they received current fix as happens on so many other units.

Then at the end of your walk you just press the ‘Stop’ button and you are prompted to either discard or save your track. Simplicity at last, well done Garmin!

If you think it could not get any better (especially for geeks like myself) we reach one of the highpoints, live weather. The GPS pairs with your mobile phone (via Bluetooth) and when out in the hills you get live weather maps. This is for UK, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Austria and Slovenia, with partial coverage of the North Italy. Bury your phone in a bag in the bottom of your rucksack and use it to access this live info.

The Bluetooth tether to your phone will also give you the notifications on your GPS you usually get on your smartphone. This is the technology that has cascaded down from the smart watches and really makes this Oregon 700 and 750 cutting edge.

Live Geocaching – The biggest step forward has been made here. Geocaching is big, it is a treasure hunt using GPS units but over recent years some of this market has been lost due to people geocaching with their smart phones. The only reason for this is they are getting live data and it is far easier to get the geocaches on the phone. This no longer is the case with the Oregon 700 and Oregon 750 as you can download them either via you Wi-Fi at home or using the Bluetooth tether to your mobile phone. Impressed is an understatement, now we have the perfect tool for geocaching.

So I guess you have come to the conclusion we like it here at GPS Training, you are not wrong. Garmin have built on the technology they created for the Garmin eTrex touch and taken it to a new level with the Oregon 700 and 750. 

Well done Garmin, I must be impressed as I have replaced my own personal unit with a new Oregon 700, I could not go back!

More info here about the Oregon 700 and Oregon 750.

Posted By: Edward Reed | Thu 1st September 2016

Received my new Oregon 700 this week and very happy with it, it replaces my old Oregon 600 and really liking the 700. Thanks guys for setting it up, it is appreciated.

Posted By: steve | Fri 13th January 2017

Hi looking to buy a oregon 700/750 and watched all your videos, one thing that i would like to know is that after owning a map 62s for a few years you had to button press a few times to get back to the map page if say on the compass page. Is there a way on the oregon 700 to get back to the map page with just a swip or press from say the compass page back to the map page as i think that this would be so good.many thankssteve

Posted By: Andy - GPS Training | Mon 16th January 2017

Hi Steve thanks for your enquiry regarding the Oregon 700/750 GPS, from the map page you can swipe the screen left or right and scroll between pages such as Compass, Trip Computer, Altimeter. I hope this helps we have both units in stock with full GB OS Mapping, we give you free access to our online training resource and 2x free training webinars to get you going with a new unit, Regards Andy GPST

Posted By: Mike Neville | Sat 27th May 2017

Bought Oregon 700 Jan 2017. Excellent service when purchased and when I have had queries since. Really enjoying using the unit. At first it seems quite complicated compared with using OS Maps on a smart camp. But getting used to using it with Base Camp on my PC.

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