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SatMap Active 12 review - what's different than Active 10

SatMap Active 12 review - what's different than Active 10

Fri 6th March 2015

Active 12 GB Edition Review SRP £450 (with Whole GB OS HR map data at 50k scale on SD card)

SatMap have recently released an updated version of the established Active 10 listed as the Active 12. We were interested to compare the two versions to see the improvements on offer which are listed as - 

- High-Resolution HVGA screen, barometric altimeter, Bluetooth smart module and double the RAM of the Active 10.

The first thing to note was that Active 10 &12 share the same housing with the exception that the Active 12 receives smart new orange buttons. There are only minor variations around the operating systems as the operating system for Active 12 is based on the Active 10 platform. However there was a noticeable improvement in the clarity of mapping on view in the Active 12 which offers new high resolution screen which would be further enhanced when using HD mapping.

New features included in Active 12 include barometric altimeter for those of you who want elevation data based on barometric pressure and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity using Bluetooth Smart which has two bands one for the transfer of route data between Active 12ís and the other which handles fitness data from compatible Wahoo Heart Rate and Cadence monitors a major improvement for cycling and fitness users.

For most users the big questions will be around mapping and route sharing & planning which is where the addition Ram comes into play; like most GPS on the market the Active 10 &12 are available bundled with Whole GB 50k scale mapping on SD card. When the card is installed and the GPS is active then it will display your current position on the map and scroll as you move. Most walkers normally prefer to navigate using 25k scale OS maps previously seen as unaffordable for the whole country now however Whole GB 25k mapping can be purchased from SatMap for your active 10/12 for as little as £250.

Active 10/12 users have access to Xpedition free for route sharing & planning online; some features are only available with Xpedition Premium which offers full access to all features and an impressive portfolio of worldwide mapping compare features.

Where do we stand on the Active 12? We sense missed opportunity; we would have liked to have seen a 3 axis electronic compass & camera at this price and feel it misses the opportunity to offer turn by turn routing either on or off road a feature growing on popularity with most digital mapping. Apart from this the Active 12 is perfect for general day to day use for walking & hiking and now caters well for cyclists at all levels of use.

The Active 12 GB Edition will include the following items:

•Active 12 GPS

•Map Card: Hi-Res Great Britain Ordnance Survey 1:50k

•Map discount voucher (terms apply)

•Access to Xpedition Premium for a 3 month FREE trial

•2700mAh LiPol Rechargeable Battery

•Standard Carry Case and Lanyard

•Wall Charger & Multi-Country Adapters

•Car Charger

•3 x AA Energizer Lithium L91 batteries

•Battery Caddy (for AA batteries)

•USB cable for data upload and recharging

•Documentation including a Quick-start user guide. 

You can find out more about this GPS here.


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