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The top 8 differences between the SatMap Active 12 and SatMap Active 20

The top 8 differences between the SatMap Active 12 and SatMap Active 20

Thu 23rd November 2017

The top differences between the SatMap Active 12 and SatMap Active 20.

The SatMap range of GPS Devices will give you the higher resolution maps over a Garmin and when you are looking at a unit that you can use with buttons for all season use the SatMap has this function with a bigger screen.

1. The first thing that you will see with the Active 20 over the older Active 12 is that it is both dual Touchscreen and Pushbutton, this makes entering data quicker via the Touchscreen but still gives you the advantage of pushbutton use in the winter when wearing gloves.

2. The Active 12 had quite a low weather rating of IP65 hence if in heavy rain needs to be put in a rubber pro-shield case.

The Active 20 has a high weather rating of IP68 hence can be used in the rain all day without the need for a case.

3. The Active 12 does not have the 3axis electronic compass hence when you are stationary the unit can struggle to orientate the map the direction you are heading in and for best orientation unit needs to be held flat whilst you are moving.

The Active 20 has a 3axis electronic compass allowing the unit to be held at different angles and also when stationary will still orientate the map page correctly.

4. The Active 12 picks up the American GPS Satellites and Landbased Egnoss system.

The Active 20, as well as the above, also picks up the Glonass (Russian Satellite system) and Galileo (European Satellite system) this gives the unit a quicker and more accurate satellite fix.

5. The Active 12 has a two-layered screen with an additional screen protector, with this type of screen viewing in bright sunlight can be difficult.

The Active 20 has a much tougher Bonded Gorilla Glass Screen, this screen is much better than the active 12 in brighter conditions and a tougher harder wearing screen.

6. The Active 12 has a rechargeable Lipol battery with a capacity of 2700mah

The Active 20 has a much larger capacity rechargeable Lipol battery with a capacity of 5000mah

7. The Active 20 has a much faster processor than the Active 12 hence the High-Resolution Maps load quickly compared to those used on the Active 12.

8. The Active 12 had issues if using a Mac computer as the programme needed to transfer routes to the unit was not very Mac friendly.

The Active 20 is detected as an external drive on a Windows or Mac computer hence GPX route files can be simply copied and pasted into the unit.

Our most popular unit has been the Active 20 that we bundle with the full GB OS 1:25k Mapping - more info here

Included in with the price of the unit is access to our online training resource full of videos on using the unit and also telephone and email support from our own GPS experts.

Posted By: Irvin Homan | Sun 5th January 2020

Your FULL SIZE Active 10/12 SD map cards will NOT fit the Active 20, which uses MICRO SD cards only.

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