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Touchscreen gloves for outdoor GPS

Touchscreen gloves for outdoor GPS

Mon 16th October 2017

As the winter season beckons.  Following our newsletter last week, some of our customers have kindly responded to the article on suitable gloves to wear when using a touch screen GPS unit, giving us their feedback and experience of various types of gloves.

Previously, a button unit was the best option for use with gloves, but now there are some good gloves that will work well with the touch screen units, meaning that the new generation touch screen GPS units will now become ‘four seasons’ units.

Here are some of our customers views and recommendations:

Review 1 – Sealskinz gloves (reviewer IM)

I use a pair of Sealskinz mens All Season Gloves for hillwalking which have thumb and index finger patches that are touchscreen compatible. They just work perfectly on my iPhone for touching and swiping.

More here.

Review 2 – Lidl (reviewer P)

I purchased mine at Lidl. They are leather (or leather look, I can't tell) and although I've only used them a couple of times they worked fine. By the label they go under the name 'Avenue'. They are smart looking so they could be used for normal/formal wear too.

Review 3 – Montane Prism gloves (reviewer M)

I've been wearing Montane Prism gloves when I need to and the touch screen function hasn't failed yet. In addition they are great gloves. The worst ever were anything to do with Sealskins. I have an Oregon 700.

More here.

Review 4 – Mountain Life (reviewer MC)

On arriving at Fort William a few years ago we discovered we had forgotten my gloves.

My super wife disappeared into the town and came back having purchased a pair of gloves from Mountain Warehouse which seemed to have a funny bit on the thumb and forefinger. These we found out at a later date were to work on touch screens.

Us being oldies did not have touch screens but the gloves were nice and warm.

A while later we moved into the high tech era and bought an iPad and what do you know on the rare occasions we took it out in the cold I was able to take pictures with my gloves on.

Then, Andy @ Gpstraining helped me purchase my Oregon 600 and yes, I can work it with my gloves on.

Seriously, my gloves were not very expensive (we cannot remember price ) the label inside says "Mountain life" but they do work. 

My suggestion is, if you must be a wimp like me and wear gloves buy a pair with the smallest possible pads on the fingers!


Judging from your thoughts the outdoor gloves that have been made to work with Touchscreen GPS units work well, whatever the price.

If you have any of your own experiences please do get in touch or leave a review at the bottom of the page.


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