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We look at the size, weight and control options for the Satmap Active 12 and SatMap Active 20 GPS units

We look at the size, weight and control options for the Satmap Active 12 and SatMap Active 20 GPS units

Mon 28th May 2018

Hi, this Andy from GPS Training. In this short video, we're going to take a look at the size, weight and control options for the two Satmap units that we got sitting on the table here, the Active 12, the older unit and the latest Active 20 unit. We do have size and weight guides as a PDF guide, but we always think it's better to show you the physical units.

So I'm going to look at the older Active 12 now, which we've now discontinued from our website, but just so you get an idea of the sizing, in comparison to the new unit. So, this unit, with a built-in rechargeable battery, weighs 210 grams, it has a width of 7.6 centimetres, a height of 13 centimetres and it has a depth of 3.2 centimetres. The screen size is 5 centimetres wide and 7.1 centimetres tall. That is the viewable screen size.

The unit is purely push-button control, so you've either got a joystick at the bottom here that you can use to move the map around, you've got zoom in and out buttons and buttons that move us between the different screens. I'll just go back to the zoom in and out buttons there. So it's purely button control.

The screen is two layers of glass, so you have a TFT screen behind this plastic cover that goes on the front. You do get a bit of sunlight reflection, due to the two layers of glass, but we do have a backlight boost button.

So this is the older Active 12, but this has now been replaced by the new Active 20 GPS. You can see physically, when you look at the two side by side, it is a taller unit, but it is actually a little bit slimmer. 

So the Active 20 unit is 310 grams, so it's a little bit heavier, but it does have a much bigger, higher capacity rechargeable battery in the unit. So that weight does include the battery.

It's 7.1 centimetres wide and the height of it is 14.6 centimetres and the depth is 3.7 centimetres. The viewable screen size is 5 centimetres wide by 7.4 centimetres tall. The extra height in the unit is with the bigger area on the top, it's got a much bigger patch aerial and also, we do have push button control at the bottom.

But the beauty of this unit, it's a touchscreen unit as well and it has a very tough, Gorilla Glass screen. Hence, no need for a protective plastic cover. So very tough Gorilla Glass screen, very responsive screen. So on the screen itself, we can use the touchscreen to zoom in and out, to move the map around, and we can use the touchscreen to move between various screens.

But the beauty of this unit, it's both touchscreen and button control, so we can use buttons as well, to move between screens and the buttons on the side of the unit, to do various functions like zooming in and out. So it's a dual touchscreen and button unit. 

So I hope you've enjoyed this video, on comparing the sizes of the Active 12 and the Active 20. For more information on the Active 20, which is the unit we sell on our website, please visit, and when you look under GPS Store, you'll see the option for Satmap GPS units. And thanks for watching this video.


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