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garmin authorised dealer gps training podcast
Webinar - Learn more about the Garmin inReach Features

Webinar - Learn more about the Garmin inReach Features

Thu 11th June 2020

This Garmin webinar looks at the key Garmin inReach Features the following subjects are looked at and discussed in more depth.

1. Garmin Explore Account

In this you manage -

- your information and account settings

- manage your inReach device

- update your inReach subscription

- find directions to Sync your device

In this webinar (5 min 20sec) - How to transfer your existing Garmin inReach service from an existing device you a new one at no extra cost

2. Presets and Quick Text Messages

- preset messages (unlimited on all plans)

You can send predefined messages to recipiants

In this webinar (7 min 20 sec) - How to set up pre set messages on a Garmin inReach device

- quick text

In this webinar (7 min 50 sec) - How to set up the quick text for a Garmin inReach device.

These are upto 20 pre defined messages (quick text).

3. Contacts

You can add upto 200 contacts (9 min 30 sec) - Step by step guide of how to do this for your Garmin inReach device.

4. MapShare (11 mins)

You can share with others so they can see your location and send you messages from your personalised portal.

To set this up -

- enable or disable MapShare

- update your MapShare URL

- use settings to update trip info and you can password protect if you wish to

- send your mapshare link from your computer

5. Routes and waypoints (15 mins)

6. Earthmate and Garmin Explore Apps 17 min 50 sec)

Use the apps to utilise the keyboard and screen on your mobile device to control many of the functions on your inReach device, even if you do not have a mobile phone signal.

7. Messaging (24 min 10 sec)

Step by step guide on how to send messages from your Garmin inReach GPS device.

8. Tracking and Navigation (30 min 20 sec)

- turn on auto track to start tracking when your device turns on.

- combine with a Garmin powered mount to automatically start tracking when you start your bike, truck, boat or plane.

9 Navigation (31 min 30 sec)

- you can navigate on a route on a Garmin inReach device, Garmin Exoplore or Earthmate app.

9. Weather Forcasts (33 min 15 sec)

10. SOS (25 min)

In case of emergency, trigger an interactive SOS message to GEOS, a professional 24/7 global monitoring centre.

More information about the Garmin inReach GPS devices can be found here.


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