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What are the map options available for a Garmin GPS?

What are the map options available for a Garmin GPS?

Mon 18th January 2016

What map options are there on a Garmin GPS?

With a Garmin GPS there are now a number of map options available when you buy a GPS unit.

The eTrex and etrex Touch range now come with the TopoActive mapping – This is mapping based on open source maps and therefore it has some map data in there so it gives you turn by turn data (like a car satnav).

Also from GPS Training you also get a Birdseye voucher which enables you to download 3,000 sq km of Ordnance Survey mapping.

Then you will have the whole country covered with the Garmin TopoActive mapping and you have the Ordnance Survey maps at 1:25k for the areas you walk in the most.

The Oregon, GPSMAP64s and Montana GPS units come bundled with 1:50k Ordnance Survey Maps – This is the most popular as it is a micro SD card that sits in the back of the unit.

As you are going to navigate in a slightly different way with your Garmin GPS the 1:50k maps does the job.

The extra info you get with the 1:25k maps (field boundaries and open access areas) are not really needed. As the GPS will show you exactly where you are on the path you will either be on it or off it, so you donít need the extra detail you find on the 1:25k maps.

1:25k Ordnance Survey maps

What is the best way to get 1:25k mapping?

•    Purchase a Birdeye voucher - more here

•    Purchase a national park region mapping card from GPS Training

•   Purchase a full UK 1:25, 1:50k and 1:250k mapping card, but wait until you get your new unit from GPS Training as it will have a £50.00 off voucher for this card.

Please do watch the short YouTube film as we review the current map options available on a Garmin GPS.

Posted By: Roger | Fri 4th March 2016

What is the best way to get 1:25k mapping if I already have a 650 with the 1:50k map?

Posted By: Jon Monks - GPS Training | Thu 10th March 2016

There are a number of ways to get 1:25k mapping - Purchase a Birdeye voucher - Purchase a national park region mapping card from GPS Training - Purchase a full UK 1:25, 1:50k and 1:250k mapping card. I hope this helps.

Posted By: Bill | Mon 21st March 2016

I am considering buying a new satnav for walking. I would like full uk mapping, preferably at 1:25k but also, as I spend 5 months of the year in Tuscany Italy, I want to have some European maps ie Italy. What is the best GPS product to cater for this. I have a budget of about £400

Posted By: Andy - GPS Training | Mon 21st March 2016

Hi Bill thank you for your enquiry, Currently the two best priced GPS Devices that we have for walking / hiking supplied with full GB OS 1:25k Mapping are the Garmin GPSMap64s @ £585.99 or the SatMap Active12 @ £515.00, we have Italy Mapping available from £16.00 for the Garmin and £45.00 for the Satmap. We will soon have another option of 1:25k mapping for a Garmin GPS that will be closer to your budget of £400.00. your contact details did not come through with your enquiry, if you could email me at with your details, I can let you know when this new cheaper 1:25k option is available. Regards Andy

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