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Choosing the Position Format for your GPS

Choosing the Position Format for your GPS

Your GPS settings should match the Grid & Datum of the map you are using – details of which should be on the map itself, it is very possible that local maps might be using different systems. You should never use your GPS without first checking the accuracy and veracity of the position fix with both the Map you are using & the Ground.

You should take into consideration that many countries have/use several Grids & Map Datumís.

Details of Map Datum being used by the mapmaker should be on the map itself, it doesnít follow that these are being used by your mapmaker or are the settings for use in your GPS. The settings we suggest are the commonly used settings for that country.

Many countries use the UTM system (Universal Transverse Mercator) which is a worldwide
standard for geo-referencing. The grid uses one kilometre steps with the earth being divided into 60 zones the first one around the Bearing Straits; even countries used to statute system (miles/feet) use it. The UPS system is the UTM equivalent near the poles.

Click here for a list of commonly used position formats.

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