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Downloading GeoCaches to a Garmin GPS

Downloading GeoCaches to a Garmin GPS

How to download GeoCaches to your Garmin GPS and then find them on unit so you can go GeoCaching.

One of the most popular websites to use for Geocaching is

You need to first register on this site as a Basic Member.

1. To be able to send Geocaches directly from the website you need to install Garmin Communicator Plugin

First connect your GPS device to your computer

Download this software from the following link below:

2. Go to the website and login with your registered details.

3. On the homepage you can search for Geocaches in your location or elsewhere.

4. A list of Geocaches in order of distance from the location that you have searched for will be displayed.

5. You can click on each Geocache to display more information about it.

6. Within the Geocache information page you will see a box ‘Send to My GPS’ click on this to send the Geocache to your device.

7. A send to GPS box will appear, if your device is not shown click on the find device box and also make sure that you have not got a pop up blocker, blocking the process.

8. Once your device is displayed, click on the ‘Write box’ and the Geocache will be sent to your device. - Premium Members Geocache Downloads to your Garmin GPS

If you are a Premium Member of thanks to there recent collaboration with Garmin, Premium members can now send a list of geocaches to their Garmin GPS device with the click of a button.
Making geocaching with your Garmin GPS easier than ever.

This is how it works:

1. Download the latest version of Garmin Express.

2. Search for geocaches you want to find.

3. Add those caches to a list.

4. Visit My Lists.

5. Select ‘Send to Garmin.’

6. Unplug and go geocaching!

Please watch the Video Guide to the above below:

Finding and Navigating to your Geocaches in your GPS Device

1. On your device go into the setup screen – select map – select dashboard – select Geocache

2. On your main screen – select Where To? – Geocaches – all of the Geocaches within your device will be displayed – select the Geocache that you want to navigate to.

3. Touch on the ‘Go’ icon to start navigation.

4. At the top of your map page you can press the small arrow to select and deselect the Geocache directional compass draw.

5. You can also with the compass page, by pressing the 3 bars displayed on screen change the dashboard of this main compass to the Geocaching display.

6. Whilst you are navigating to a Geocache if you go to the main menu and select ‘Geocaching’ extra information will be displayed about the Geocache and you can also log here that you have found it etc.


Posted By: David | Fri 3rd April 2015

Not sure how big an issue but the may help someone.I use windows 8 and despite having the plug in, each attempt to send caches to my device failed (Garmin 62). I got the you need plug-in message.I was using explorer opened from the apps screen. I eventually found it worked ok once you open the geocache site on the desk top. Click tools (spanner), view on desk top. Maybe this could be confirmed by admin to check I am right. It works for me.

garmin is the best gps.

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