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Looking after and backing up your Garmin map card

Looking after and backing up your Garmin map card

Some words of caution around SD cards We had a few tales of woe recently where users have either lost cards whilst changing batteries of deleted the contents of their expensive SD cards in error.

Make sure you donít lose your SD card whilst changing batteries on the go as weíve had a couple of occasions recently where users have dropped expensive Micro SD cards whilst changing batteries on the hill.

If the card is lost then Iím afraid youíre not going to get a free replacement from Garmin as loss & theft are not covered.

We recommend that if you do have to change batteries on the hill then be very careful and make the change with the screen facing to the ground that way you stand less change of dropping the SD card whilst you fiddle with the batteries.

GPST Tip – did you know you can back your Garmin mapping card? This is how.

 > with your SD card installed in your device

> on your computer go to My Computer

> select Removable Disk (G) this is your SD Card

> open Garmin Folder

> copy the 3 map files gmapsupp.gma, gmapsupp, gmapsupp.uni to a folder on your computer for safe keeping – warning be careful not to select Delete as it cannot be undone 

You can download PDF factsheet about how to back up your Garmin OS mapping card from here.

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Posted By: Graham | Fri 27th March 2015

I'm not sure that I understand the purpose of the suggested backup - if I lose the SD card can I then create a new one by copying these files onto a blank SD card? I didn't think this was possible.

Posted By: Andy - GPS Training | Fri 27th March 2015

Hi Graham, thanks for your comment, when you back up the data from your SD card you cannot then re-send it back to a different SD card, the reason we recommend backing up the data is in case you accidently delete any map data from the original card, as you can then re-send the backed up data back to your original card.

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